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Cribbage Board Templates for Any Skill Level: CNC, Paper, or Wood

Cribbage board templates and plans are essential if you want to learn how to make your own unique cribbage boards. All you need to do is print out one of the free cribbage board templates on this page (for example click on the image on the right and print it from your browser.)

Here are some free cribbage board templates and tips on how to make your own cribbage board. It is also possible to buy a cribbage board kit which contains all the necessary materials and plans. Making a cribbage board is a great woodworking project and can be as simple or as ornate as you like. Start with a simple design and work up to creating more elaborate boards.

cribbage board templates free download

Download apk:

Master Cribbage / Big CribWhen I was a kid we received a cribbage board with a score of 300. When we read the rules it turns out that it was a 9 card deal with a 3 card discard. Anybody heard of it and any chance you have the rules. The basics are the same but I am looking for the flush rules, they were I believe, slightly different. Thanks James

Save money on your next cribbage board wood craft project, with this free, downloadable, actual size cribbage board template from This is a two player continuous play to 60 points printable cribbage board template.

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There is an easy to use e-mail registry below. Send us your email, and you will receive access to this very free cribbage board template. You can save the download and reprint it as often as you like, even use it to make and sell cribbage boards. All we ask is that you remember you are not authorized to share or resell our cribbage board templates.

Cribbage is an old and popular card game, enjoyed by both young and old. And recently, it has had a bit of a popularity rise on college campuses. All this adds up to the fact that cribbage boards make great gifts.

When making a cribbage board, the only real woodworking problem to be solved is how to drill 240-plus holes accurately and efficiently. And that is where the CNC router comes to the fore. We have provided CNC programing of this cribbage board - click here to download both .CRV and .TAP files for free.

Speaking of that, if you don't have a CNC at your disposal, we have provided a link to a cribbage board pattern (click here to download the cribbage board pattern). Or you can purchase a pattern and drilling template that you can use to achieve the same results. If that is your choice, consider purchasing the self-guided drill bit as well. We've also provided a link to purchase cribbage pegs, however you choose to make the project.

This game printable can be used as a scoring board for anyone who wants to play the card game cribbage. Instructions are included. This game requires 4-6 colored pegs and a pack of regular playing cards.

Six new cribbage board template sets were released from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware that allows users to create custom game boards using only a handheld drill due to its transparent acrylic surface. The template sets are available in two sizes in either two or three player versions. They also include a spring-loaded self-centering drill bit for drilling holes.

"The holidays are just around the corner, and more and more, people want to give handmade gifts," said Steve Krohmer, Rockler's vice president of product development. "A custom cribbage board is a great personalized gift, and with these new templates, making one is easier than ever."

The new templates include two- and three-player versions in two sizes: standard, for smaller boards with 1/8" diameter pins, and XL, for larger boards with 1/4" pins. A continuous curved-track pattern is available in both versions in standard and XL sizes. Straight-track pattern templates are available in both two-and three-player configurations in the standard size.

Rockler also is offering a free plan for a folding travel cribbage board that uses one of the new templates. The plan can be downloaded at The templates are made of durable transparent acrylic for easy alignment during the drilling process. The user drills a first set of holes and then repositions the template to continue the pattern. Included indexing pins maintain the alignment, and the instructions detail which holes need to be drilled in each step.

Each template set includes a spring-loaded self-centering drill bit to make it easier to drill straight, accurate holes. Curved-track templates incorporate a rounded end that can serve as a pattern for routing a matching curved edge on the cribbage board. To accompany the new templates, Rockler also has added three-player sets of solid steel cribbage pegs in both 1/8" and 1/4" sizes.

The new cribbage board templates and pegs can be purchased exclusively at or at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores nationwide, as well as through the Rockler catalog. For store locations or a free catalog, visit or call 1-877-ROCKLER.

It completely eliminates layout time; you are left only with drilling and finishing time. The 14\" 3 3/4\" layout is designed to make a cribbage board for use by 2, 3 or 4 players; you add border trim to this.

It completely eliminates layout time; you are left only with drilling and finishing time. The 14" 3 3/4" layout is designed to make a cribbage board for use by 2, 3 or 4 players; you add border trim to this.

free Dxf for laser cutting files free download collection of designs for laser cut files compatible with all cutting machine systems Glowforge laser cutter. free patterns to download digital plans, and can be scaled to any size to fit your design needs.These are good clean laser cut vector models free download.

Cribbage is an old, popular board game, both timeless and endlessly fun. Creating a cribbage board is a fabulous way to flex your woodworking skills while also crafting a bespoke keepsake you and your friends can use to pass the time. You'll only need a handful of supplies and a touch of carpentry know-how, and soon you'll be moving your pegs along the handmade track. We'll show you how to cut the board, drill the peg holes, and put the finishing touches on your game board.

This two-player cribbage board is formed of two parts, the board itself and a lid (that covers a cavity for the playing cards and cribbage pegs to sit inside)! The lid is cut as a two-sided assembly where there is room for personalisation on the top, I've VCarved Initials into the lid, but why not add some 3D relief to it instead.

A beginner can make this woodworking project, and using the cribbage board drilling-guide template from Rockler makes drilling the holes a snap. One of the best features of this cribbage board is the built-in storage space for your playing cards and cribbage pegs, but you could simplify this project even more by only making the playing surface and storing your cards and pegs separately.

With those choices made, I went ahead and cut blanks from which to form the three pieces that make up the cribbage board: the core, base and playing surface (pieces 1, 2 and 3). You can find the sizes for the blanks in the Material List on the following page. While the choice is up to you, I made the base from walnut, the core from cherry lumber and the playing surface from maple.

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