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((TOP)) Download Key Dongle Technical Computer Solutions Zip

2. Plug the USB protection key (network dongle) into a free USB port on your computer.Wait for a moment, until the red light inside the protection key turns on to indicate that it is working correctly.

Download Key Dongle Technical Computer Solutions zip

Activatormedic might help you to find the proper X,Y,Z values without rebooting the computer. Please download it (using the link Download to your PC and run activatormedic.exe (press Find Key). If the key can not be found with the default values 10,10,20, try to increase the "Timing values to use" (i.e., X,Y,Z) in steps of 10 or 20 until it reports the key found. The maximum value can be 1000. Then use these values in the environment setting mentioned above and reboot the computer.

Value Packs are maintenance and support solutions that ensure that your software is always up to date You will receive upgrades and updates free of charge. As an owner of a Value Pack you receive upgrades and updates as well as access to technical support. For further detailed information please visit: Value Packs. Please note that you have to be logged in to access Value Packs.

There are three different license types available for ColorGATE's version 20 software products: - Single Host License / Software (SHL-SW): Software-based license for use on a single computer. The software is activated with an activation code that binds the license to the respective computer via the ColorGATE license server. - Single Host License / Hardware (SHL-HW): Hardware-based license for use on a single computer. The license is verified by a USB dongle and a key file. - Multi Host License / Software (MHL-SW): Software-based license for use on multiple computers. MHL-SW licenses use an additional tool, the Floating License Manager (FLM), for license management via the local network.

- Single Host License / Software (SHL-SW): A permanent internet connection is required to connect to the license server (the software needs to connect to the license server about once a day). - Single Host License / Hardware (SHL-HW): A free USB port for the dongle is required (must remain plugged in during operation). Please note that this licensing option is not available in China. - Multi Host License / Software (MHL-SW). An additional software tool, the Floating License Manager, is required. The computer running the FLM requires a permanent internet connection. The RIP computer must be able to connect to the FLM computer via a local network.

The hardware dongle can always be used to start the latest release of the previous version. Accordingly, you can also run version 10.34 with the V20 dongle. You can always find the corresponding update in the download area. Please note that you have to be logged in to get access to the download area. With a software dongle you can only operate versions from version 20.

Q:How to update the firmware on the unit?A: Simply download, extract and copy the firmware file you want to flash on the ROOT of a FAT32 formated USB stick (LinkrOTG.bin must be on the USB disk root when this step is completed). Once done, hold the center button and connect the dongle with the USB stick to the USB power source, wait till led flash 2 times and you are done. Flashign process only takes a couple of seconds.

Our generator set controllers are highly advanced integrated systems. Controllers use Windows-based software that allow for programming and monitoring of control panels in our generator systems. Current software versions are available for download at the links below. For additional information, please contact your local local distributor. For technical assistance contact the Customer Assistance Center.

The TRU-Tech / TRU-View files will need to be downloaded onto a local hard drive in order to install the application onto a computer. An Un-Zip program will be required to access the files once downloaded.

FRED Optical Engineering Software uses USB Super-Pro key dongles provided by Thales to implement its software license protection strategy. The license server computer only needs to have the Sentinel Protection Server installed and is not required to have a full installation of the FRED Optical Engineering Software.

The procedure below should be followed to set up a client computer for use with a SuperPro network key. If you do not have an up to date FRED installation or have not received a download link to the current release version, please email FRED Technical Support at for more information.

1. Start FRED on a client computer that can acquire a network license from the key being updated. If more than one FRED SuperPro dongle is hosted on the license server, use the environment variable or startup parameter options described previously to force the client to acquire a license from the specific key being updated.

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